Nordsmith Knives

David C. Andersen’s introduction to knives came at an early age. He has carried a blade ever since earning his Totin' Chip as a Boy Scout. He still has, and sometimes carries, the BSA Whittler pocketknife that his father gave him during his formative years. His favorite Merit Badges were Camping and Wilderness Survival, and his love of the outdoors continues to this day.

A graphic designer by trade, he believes that form follows function, and appreciates knives that combine aesthetics with practicality.

In 2014, David began writing for The Truth About Knives (TTAK), one of the most widely read knife blogs on the internet. The TTAK gig provided an outlet for his creative voice, and allowed him to meet and learn from some of the biggest names in the industry. He is especially thankful for the mentorship and support of Ethan Becker and L.T. Wright.

Even before this, David had begun to think about designing knives as a way of meeting his needs that were unfulfilled by blades then on the market.

In the process of writing for TTAK, David was exposed to, and able to test a great variety of bladed implements. He took advantage of this opportunity to continually hone his vision for knife design.

In 2016, David formed Nordsmith Knives. His inaugural design, the Canteen Knife, was the product of many years of refinement… his vision for a camp/cooking crossover knife that had not previously existed.

David currently works for The Knife Center as their Digital Marketing Manager. His evenings with his wife are spent cooking, working on prototypes for new Nordsmith designs, and dreaming of his next camping trip.